People digital coin

GEMCash coin is a return to the core doctrines of blockchain technology that have been abandoned by the current bitcoin ecosystem.
As the People’s Coin, GEMCash’s Blockchain emphasizes the 3 tenets of a truly digital financial network, while also strengthening the security and transparency that was intended by the original design of the bitcoin blockchain.
GEMCash’s Blockchain returns to the promise of blockchain technology with truly decentralized consensus, governance equity as part of a trust-less peer to peer network.

Click Friend
Online advertising

ClickFriend is a recommendation system that discloses your business for emails and social networks.
ClickFriend is the only recommendation platform that allows you to configure challenges and offer rewards. You can configure the amount of friends that the person needs to share their promotion in order to win a certain prize or discount.

Digital Tools
Value of digital learning

Our digital learning technologies and tools can help our members to learn concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more effectively, while also improving instructional techniques, and facilitating the widespread sharing of knowledge.
Digital technologies will enable this in new and better ways and create possibilities beyond the limits of our current imagination.